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Salon Armor® Original WristBand in Pink w/ Crystal Bling! + Free 2 pk of YS park L-Clips

Salon Armor® Original WristBand in Pink w/ Crystal Bling! + Free 2 pk of YS park L-Clips

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The Original Magnetic Wristband is supportive, strong on the arm, and badass looking!  It holds shears the best and holds more shears than any of the other bands. It will hold bobby pins at the surface where ever there is a magnet but to hold pins more securely, purchase the Magnetic Clip. The handpicked leather allows you to sanitize with non bleach anti bacterial wipes between clients.  This is a great choice for educators and platform artists! Three very strong magnets under the slots hold shears securely. Shears must be pushed in all of the way to keep secure. Shears stay parallel to your arm no matter how you move and will not touch your skin as you slide them through.  Slots will also hold comb, makeup brushes and nail tools not magnetically but by the strategically designed height of the sleeve. Magnet strength from within will lightly hold bobby pins when no tools are being used. For heavy up styling, we suggest adding the Magnetic Clip to hold pins more securely. Velcro closure allows adjustable sizing and easy on/off.  Each Wristband comes with a free Armorizer.  An Armorizer is an interchangeable decorative accessory to personalize your Wristband.


  • Made of geniune quality leather
  • 3-4 very strong magnets (sewn under the slots) hold your very expensive shears securely
  • Velcro closure allows adjustable sizing and easy on/off
  • Slots will also hold comb, makeup brushes and nail tools
  • Supportive and strong on the arm
  • WristBands are 3" in width
  • Available in pink leather
  • Available sizes: Size XS for 5.75" or less; Size S/M fits people with 6-6.75" wrist, L fits 7"-7.75" wrists, XL fits 8" and above. L & XL Out of Stock!
  • Click the following PDF files to view and print sizing options: XS and S/M Original Wristband PDF (prints on regular sixed paper)  L/XL Original Wristband PDF (legal sized paper needed)
  • + Free 2 pk of YS park L-Clips ($9 value)
  • Shipping - Free US Ground (5-7 days) – Priority Mail (2-3 days) available for additional cost

Additional Options:

  • Makeup Palette - $8.00 - A 2" x 2-3/4" polished Series 420 stainless steel makeup mixing palette with 4 shallow wells located at the top of the palette keeps makeup, skin creams, and nail art separated while working. Used by makeup artists for blending product, nail artists for easy access to nail art, and estheticians for holding and keeping their skin creams and other skin care separated. The 4 Well Mixing Palette when attached to the Magnetic Clip can be located on any of the pockets for different angles. Comes with protective silicone pouch for storing.
  • Magnetic Clips $5.00 - A steel clip with a magnetic flat top slides onto the Salon Armor Wristband sleeve. Additional magnetic clips can be purchased individually to hold more bobby pins on the Salon Armor Wristband. Magnetic clip can be attached to your sleeve or pocket also.
  • Makeup Palette & Magnetic Clips $10.00
  • Custom Embroidery - $10.00 Personalize your wristband with your salon name or website. Please include notes your embroidery information.
  • How to use the Wristband?
  • Start your day adding 3-4 clips to the sleeves.  Alligator clips do well sliding toward your hand and up from the backside of the band.  On the XS and S/M, twist the Wristband slightly so the Armorizer is off to the side and the second sleeve is in the middle of your arm. You will use the first two sleeves closest to you.  For the L and XL size, you will use the two sleeves on either side of the Armorizer.  When you get to a cut where texturizers or a straight edge razor is needed,  add that to the second sleeve so you can switch back and forth between those two tools.  Shears will slide behind the clips in the sleeves.  During highlighting, slide your highlighting comb back and forth through the second sleeve as you foil.  When upstyling, take your tools out of the wristband and press the leather down so the pins can pick up the magnetic strength from below. You can use the sleeve edge to open the pin.  Add the Magnetic Clip to hold pins more securely.  It is suggested to remove your Wristband during shampoos.  Look at our YouTube video on how to put the Wristband on to see how you can whip it on and off in seconds using this method.  Clean your wristband using non bleach anti-bacterial wipes.

Sizing:  For the Original Band -If needed, print the sizing template to judge your size.

  • XS - Extra Smaill - If your wrist is 5.75" and below 
  • S/M - Small / Medium - If your wrist is 6" 
  • L - Large - If your wrist is 7" 
  • XL - Extra Large - If your wrist is 8" and above

The most common sizes are S/M and L. The XL has been able to fit the largest forearm.  At times we have customers with small wrists and a quick increase in forearm size. Go by your forearm not wrist size!  Sometimes the difference in wrist to forearm size is so dramatic the band is too big at the wrist but fits the forearm.  If this happens to you, the Wrapband or Magnetic Cuff would be a better option for you. Please print the template above to test your arm size.

Salon Armor® Magnetic Wristbands are the only wristbands that have received State Board Compliance from these states: ME, NH, NY, DE, WV, NC, FL, TN, KY, IN, MI, MO, ND, SD, TX, CO, NE, MT, ID, NV, UT, WA, OR, HI, AK.  If your state is not listed, it may be Salon Armor has not contacted them yet. They are continuing the process. State Board compliance is dependent upon the user to properly sanitize the band using non-bleach anti-bacterial wipes between each client.

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